Baines 'Note', The
Benchkin's will - the will itself
Benchkin's will - John Moore's evidence
Biographical facts, Some
Bradley Incident - Watson's gaol delivery
Bradley Incident - Watson's pardon
Certiorari, Writ of
Cholmeley - Remembrances, The
Cholmeley - Further Accusations
Coroner's Inquisition (original Latin)
Coroner's Inquisition (English translation)
The Deptford Jury
'Dido, Queen of Carthage'
'Doctor Faustus' (A and B texts)
Drury's letter to Anthony Bacon
Drury's letters to Sir Robert Cecil
'Dutch Church Libel', The (so-called)
'Edward the Second'
Flushing Letter, The
'Gorgon, or the wonderfull yeare', by Gabriel Harvey
'Greene's Groatsworth of Wit'
'Hero and Leander'
Ingram Frizer's Pardon (original Latin)
Ingram Frizer's Pardon (English translation)
'Jew of Malta, The'
Kyd's accusations
Kyd's letter to Puckering
Le Doux's 'coffre', but whose papers
Le Doux's booklist
Le Doux's trunk
'Lucan's First Book'
Marlowe's Sudden and Fearful End
'Massacre at Paris, The'
Mendenhall-type curves (CM and WS)
Mendenhall-type curves (examples)
'Ovid's Elegies'
'Passionate Shepherd to his Love, The'
Privy Council's 'Certificate' - June 1587
Shakespeare's Sonnet Sequence
Spelling of Marlowe's Name, The
Stratford Monument's lettering, The
Stylometrics and Parallelisms
'Tamburlaine the Great (part one)'
'Tamburlaine the Great (part two)'
'The Reckoning' Revisited
Trend - 50 function words
Trend - Gary Taylor
Trend - Letters used
Trend - Run on lines & feminine endings
Was Marlowe's Inquest Void?
Was Marlowe's Inquest Void? (2)
Was Marlowe the Man? by Archie Webster