APPENDIX I - The contents of Monsieur Le Doux’s trunk
LPL MS.656 f.184r,v

TranscriptAn interpretation
Ltres de Monsr RowlestonLetters from Anthony Rolston, agent of Anthony Bacon, mainly in Spain
Ltres de Monsr MoresinLetters from Thomas Morrison, agent of Anthony Bacon in Scotland
Ltres de Sr A: Perez, et de copies d'autres ltres et papières touchant luy devant et depuis son departLetters from Antonio Perez (see text) and copies of other letters and papers concerning him both before and after his departure in July 1595
Ltres de Monsr le C. d'EssexLetters from the Earl of Essex
Ltres de Mr fantisLetters from Nicholas Faunt (close friend of the Bacons; former secretary to Sir Francis Walsingham)
Ltres de Mr CockburneLetters from Sir Richard Cockburn, secretary to James VI, King of Scotland
Ltres de my L. TresorerLetters from my Lord Treasurer (William Cecil, Lord Burghley]
Ltres de Mr StandenLetters from Anthony Standen, (alias Monsieur La Faye and André Sandal), agent of Bacon and Lord Burghley
Ltres de Mr BruzLetters from Robert Bruce, minister in Edinburgh, and agent for Anthony Bacon; (but could be Edmund Bruce, his agent in Italy)
Ltres de grand seigneures & gent EscossoisLetters from great milords and gentlemen of Scotland
Ltres de Edward yates durant sa demeure en france 1595Letters from Edward Yates (Anthony Bacon’s servant) during his stay in France in 1595. Yates was apparently there to keep an eye on what Perez was up to after he went back to France
Papières touchant la composition faite avec Mr de Luzan l'an 1591& les affaires des pauvres Maistres de Navire, Beverson, Jeames & Cleark poursuivant la recompence de --------(?) par le ro(?)pemt de promesse des Marchands sur lad(it) compositionPapers concerning an agreement reached with Monsieur de Lussan (Governor of Blaye) in 1591, concerning the recovery of some ships, ‘and the affairs of the poor ships’ masters - Beverson, James and Clark’
Livre d'instructions & ltres de Sr fr Wallsingha(m), estant Ambassadeur en france pour la Royne d'AngleterreBook of instructions and letters from Francis Walsingham when he was Ambassador in France for the Queen of England
A collection of all her ma(jes)ties offices.List of crown appointments?
Ceremonies, memories & orders of the Estate of England
A register of her ma(jes)ties offices aswell publick as particuler
Obeservacons uppon a lible published in the yeare 1592Francis Bacon’s 'Observations upon a libel published in 1592'
of the Princes & present state of Christendome 1582
Pate(r?) de an(n)o 4rcino Elizabethae RegniaeDetails of celebration of the silver jubilee in 1583?
Docteur Loppes confession to poison her Ma(jes)tie & les instructions pour my Lord WimesAlleged plot by Queen’s doctor, Roderigo Lopez, to poison her (in 1594); discovered by Essex. Lord Wemyss was Scottish Ambassador James Colville
The tree of the comon wealth
De la Republiq d'AngleterreAbout England (the word ‘republic’ is not politically significant)
Secrett memories of Scotland
Autre livre de memoires d'EscosseBook of other Scottish memories
Le livre des Oraisons & harangues du pere de MrBook of orations and speeches by the Lord Keeper, Nicholas Bacon, father of Francis & Anthony; (book now in British Library)
The Declaration given to Mr wade being sent into SpaineWilliam Waad was agent of Sir Francis Walsingham, and later clerk to the Privy Council. Could be Le Doux being sent, but Waad was ‘dispatched to the King of Spain’ early in 1584
The generall causes of the disorders mutinies in the Scotish comon wealth
L'estat d'EspaigneThe state of Spain
A true report of the detestable treason intended by Doctor LopesA true report of the detestable treason intended by Dr. Lopez (see above) by Francis Bacon
The praise of his soveraigneThe praise of his sovereign (i.e. the Queen) by Francis Bacon
Discours de Mr fr: sur la discretionDiscourse on 'Discretion' by Francis Bacon
Ses essayes & une de ses ltres a un Ministre Evesq ou ArchevesqFrancis Bacon’s 'Essays' (not published until the following year) and one of his letters to a minister, bishop or archbishop
Some Ministers discourse to her ma(jes)tie for matters of state
Partheniades en louange de la ReynePartheniades (see text) in praise of the Queen
abrege des forces d'AngleterreSummary of the English forces
Discours touchant les EsglisesDiscourse concerning Churches
Ltrs & discours de Mr Berauld MinistreLetters from, and a discourse by, a contact of Anthony Bacon in Montauban
Livre des memoiresBook of memoires
Quatre livres de ltres .. des vieilles & les autres des fresches (?)Four books (folders?) of letters old and new(?)
Declaration d'un tableau dedie a la ReyneDescription(?) of a tableau (a painting or a masque?) dedicated to the Queen
Discours touchant le droit que ceux de Nevers ont en Brabant Lothier et LimburgDiscourse concerning the claim which the de Nevers family has over parts of the Netherlands
frases des ltresPhrases from letters
Un livre de recueils tant de droit & de proverbsA book of collected sayings and proverbs
Un livre de ltres avec attaches bleuesA book of letters fastened in blue?
Un livre de l'estate de la fr. avec attaches noiresA book on the state of France, fastened in black?
Traitte des Princes(?) Canons et autres ministres de l'estate de franceTreaty (signed) by Princes, Canons and other French ministers?
Declaration du Roy de Navarre contre les colomnies publises contre luyDeclaration by Henri, King of Navarre (Bacon’s friend) countering some calumnies published against him
Clavis steganographiaCryptographic key (i.e. a code book]
Un petit livre appelle Zibaldona & autres recueils ou(?) papiers de Mr mon MaistreAnthony Bacon’s commonplace book and other collected papers of his
Livre escript de la main de moresin en Anglois & LatinA book in English and Latin written by Thomas Moresin (probably manuscript copies of Papatus, by Thomas Morisinus, and printed - in Latin only - in Edinburgh, 1594).
Relatione delle dose d'EspAccount of the quantity (strength?) of Spain
Une astrologie depuis le commencement du monde.An astrological calendar ‘from the beginning of the world’.